Humans crave love, compassion, affection, or just mere polite behavior. They can’t compromise with such emotions in their relations, loved ones, and even the cashier they come across daily while buying something randomly or required. Humans have quite their ways of expressing love, affection, care, sympathy, and empathy. Indeed every human just wants to be loved at the end of the day, wanting someone’s shoulder to cry off a bad day, having someone on the other side with whom you can share your heart! But what if you get into some situation where you have to survive on your own, for instance; when your loved ones are struggling in their own lives, and they barely can take a look into yours as not everyone has a big heart as yours who can put themselves on the second, or when you find that living alone is a better choice than to be surrounded in merely a chaotic crowd where your presence is not acknowledged at the scale which it should or yes when a pandemic like COVID-19 surrounds where there is no choice but yet to acknowledge your permanent friend, i.e., loneliness as a blessing in disguise. There are 3 major as well as dominant ways to acknowledge your loneliness as a blessing in disguise and not some awkward situation; that you can’t cope with, a test, or an issue that you can’t resolve:

  • See Your Loneliness as Your Strength To Cope With The World.

Loneliness is not a feeling associated with the absence of a particular individual or the absence of somebody you love. But loneliness should be cherished when bestowed to you through nature, circumstances, or situations. Loneliness is a feeling of courage when you are left alone in a room full of people but no one worthy of knowing the inner destruction you are facing. It is the high power motivation resource through which you make yourself fully dependent on none other but yourself. Who can lift themselves in the situations like being surrounded by unworthy people or your loved ones when they are fighting their own battle and can’t take a peek at yours. There, you get up in that state of loneliness when you are left to struggle on your own; yes, you get up and tell yourself that you came to this world alone, you had made it to this far alone, and you are the one who can take yourself to even the heights by just relying on your self. When depressing situations like pandemics surround you next time, you have to tell yourself that you are your only powerhouse of love, confidence, acknowledgment, and yet everything through which you can make yourself cured in quarantine by responding with your inner strong immune system of not giving up. Till catching the light of dense hope and through the love for yourself in coping with that blessed loneliness, you will learn about yourself in a real, meaningful way!

  • Know Yourself The Better, The Deeper.


Even though if you get to have the best people around you, you still have to spend most of the time daily routine alone yourself completely. Like coming back from the office to the empty apartment you have or after spending most of the time with your family and then craving some alone minutes for your self-reflection on yourself. When situations like pandemics evade you, you do not get a minute for yourself like that. So, when loneliness actually and purely surrounds you, you have to react but familiarly not like a stranger to your always accompanying fellow, i.e., loneliness. This permanent friend of yours is real, honest, and makes you dig deeper into yourself. Yes, yourself is full of true treasures. 

You become capable of knowing the real you who wants to be nourished with self-care, self-acknowledgment, or to make peace with yourself and the happy living in its skin of yours. You discover such beauty in yourself that you start loving your old habits of vibing to your favorite music in loneliness, enjoying your favorite food alone at a restaurant, knowing no one can give you that company that you can give it to yourself!. You start to work on your self-growth deeply, from accepting your flaws to loving and making them the best thing about you due to the blessing of loneliness bestowed to you!

  •  Immunity To Fight With Every Fear, With Every Condition.

A saying goes by that when you cannot love yourself first; you cannot love others rightly. Because all the right love is the first that you truly feel for yourself, which makes you so much competent, sustaining, and a victorious warrior to a thing called LIFE. All this immunity occurs to you in a state of loneliness that makes you so much immune to your random life situations, issues, and problems that you, when solely depending on yourself, think better, deeper, and more precise in the direction in which you should be focused. You then know that the courage you have sustained through your dark lonely times, the motivation you have mustered up for yourself in terrible times of pandemics when there is no one to make yourself vulnerable for you, there comes solely your warrior, i.e.your own self, which is now fully independent who knows how to get the best out of their loneliness blessing which came to you in disguise in your dark times. It taught you a life remembering lesson, i.e., at the end of the day, there is no one but yourself beside you always!

Concluding to a fact, but to not an opinion; that is loneliness is the strength of you, me, and everyone, and those who find it miserable will discover it as a blessing. When times like COVID-19, bad phases of life, or tragic events surround you, which is the part of each one of our lives, you will find your lifetime loyal friend, i.e., loneliness beside you helping you discover the new and real you which will make you accept this blessing happily and will help out in reframing life in the most beautiful sense even in the most terrible times.

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