1. What is Knowledge4health?

Knowledge4health is the best health-related content publisher website. Knowledge4health has famous and experienced Doctors, Consultants, and professional health writers. Knowledge4health gives different contents regarding health daily. You can imagine the quality of Knowledge4health by its standard. Thousands of people visit this website daily. Knowledge4health is the source of true and authentic information about health. All the facilities boxes are given on the website you can check them out. You will get measures that how to live the best and healthy life if you stay in tune with us. As you know health is wealth, Knowledge4health is the perfect source of good health for you.

2. How to get updates?

First, you have to make your profile. After making the profile, you will be able to see our posts without any worries. You have to give your bio in the forum. You have to push on the notifications so that you can get the latest updates.

3. Where to ask questions?

You can ask the questions in the community tab. Your each and every question will be answered there in a short time. You can ask everything that you want to know. You don’t need to worry just feel free to contact us.  You will get an alert message when someone replies to you.

4. How to join Live Chats?

Live chats are structured exactly the same way as any content discussion. The only difference is that live chats take place in real-time and in the present. They are our method of gathering the community around a topic that is pertinent to your condition in order to have a conversation about it. The Guide will select the subjects for discussion, which may include health, symptom control, medication, or something as lighthearted as a quiz poll. It doesn’t matter if you just come to observe or if you want to take part and raise questions; either way, you’ll really go away having learned some things, and you could even end up making several new friends along the way.

5. How to block members in case of community Violation?

You can report the members by clicking on the report button. When you click on the report button you will block the member in violation of the community.  Our team will block the bad guys and then they will not be able to text you again. There is an easy way to block such kinds of members.

6. Is data remain safe?

Yes. As a company is committed to the security of the personal data you reveal to us and as a surety of this commitment, we want to assure you that we don’t ever advertise, lease or give any of your personal information to third parties party. We make this promise to you as part of this commitment to the safety of the personal data you reveal to us. You can access a link to our detailed Privacy Policy by going to the options menu of your account. Kindly give it some careful consideration.

7. What does Knowledge4health gives me?

We are aware that your road towards better health is exactly that your journey. As a result, we’ve established a location within which you can locate the assistance and materials you require. There is something available for everyone, whether they prefer one-on-one texting, group discussions, or publications that have been peer-reviewed by medical professionals. Just to give you a flavor of what you may anticipate to find, here are some examples:

  • Live discussions that are facilitated by the community can be used to acquire fresh knowledge on a daily basis.
  • Through texting, you can get guidance from people that have been there.
  • Explore a catalog that has been curated to provide you with useful medical materials.

A Guide that will assist you in working through everything. The emblem that is shown next to the Website’s username makes it easy to recognize her as the expert.

8. How Can I get a newsletter subscription?

You will find an option for a newsletter at the bottom of the page. You have to enter your email then your newsletter subscription will be given on your Gmail daily.

9. How can I give a reply to the posts?

You can reply to the post after reading the content of the post. You can share your thoughts about the post. Your response will be entertained.

10. How can I give feedback?

You can send us your valuable feedback by the following steps:

  • Go to your profile icon and click left
  • You will have to scroll down the page and then you will get the option of entering your feedback
  • Enter your feedback/suggestions then click on the submit
  • Your feedback will be submitted